Increase Donations

Engage Citizens removes obstacles to taking and managing donations.  

Donors can pay immediately, without the bother of sending a cheque in the mail.  And the donation is handled completely within your website; they won't be stopped by worry about giving information to a third-party. 

Engage Citizens promotes repeat donations by increasing donor confidence and comfort.  Any donation is confirmed immediately, and the donor receives a tax receipt in seconds.  And for special campaigns, the Engage Citizens system makes it very easy for you to find and contact past donors.

Decrease Workload

The Engage Citizens system reduces the workload on your administrative staff by:

  • Keeping all data (donors, donations, events, tax receipts, etc) in a single application
  • Automating day-to-day operational tasks, like processing donations or sending out receipts
  • Making website changes simple, removing the need to work with an external web developer

Improve Online Image and Credibility

When new donors search for a charity to support, they look for efficiency and transparency.  A large contributor to their decision comes from how well a charity presents itself on its website.  It is vital that your website contain easy-to-find, consistent information.

The Engage Citizens system keeps all information in a single database.  It's easy for you to enter and change, and consistent no matter where a potential donor looks.  And it's is displayed according to our best practices for charities.

See how Engage Citizens can reduce your workload

Donor management

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