Memlink: Association Management System

Memlink is everything an association needs to manage its operations. Memlink is a complete web based association management application that we host and manage for all our clients. All the operational modules are built into one integrated applicaiton making it cost effect to setup and easy for your staff to manage.

Advantage of a single application

Memlink is a single application with many modules, each module handling a different function.  Here is a list of some of the modules: 

  • Membership
  • Events
  • Website content management
  • Donations
  • Online store
  • Payment processing and finance
  • Email communication and marketing

Memlink was designed to give you complete control of all facets of association management within a single platform.  That means you don't have to switch back and forth between programs, and you can use information from one module (such as membership) to work with another module (such as email marketing).

Advantage of a web-based application

Because Memlink is a web-based application, you have access to it from any Internet-connected computer in the world.  There is nothing to install - just open a web browser and log in. 

All of your important data is stored on our secure servers, where it is backed up nightly, so there is no danger of it being lost, corrupted or stolen.

Administrator access

Memlink will create a single website for your organization with two faces: 

  • The normal face that the public or your members see, and
  • The administrator face, which allows you to make changes to your website, your events, or other modules.

Because they are two faces of the same website, the process to make changes to your site is very intuitive, and you can immediately see the changes you make.

Integration with other applications

Memlink integrates with most popular accounting systems, so your finance department will love it.  Memlink exports its lists to common spreadsheet format, making it easy to move your data to another application if required.  


Memlink is hosted in a secure, fault-protected location on redundant servers located in Canada.  All your data is backed up regularly and firewalled against outside intrusion.  Memlink does not store credit card or other sensitive information that could expose its clients to security risks.