Charities - how we reduce your workload

AMS can reduce the time you spend on performing administrative tasks, such as:

  • Sending out tax receipts
  • Communicating with donors
  • Chasing after cheques for promised donations
  • Processing paper applications
  • Updating your website

Memlink, the association management tool designed by AMS, was designed specifically for charities like yours, and automates these tasks.  Here are some ways that Memlink can make the job of running your charity a lot easier.

Email and fax communications are automated

If your association uses the mail to send out tax receipts or donation invoices (or if you manually send them by email or fax) you'll immediately have all of that time back when you switch to Memlink. 

Memlink allows you to automate communications with your donors.  When someone makes a donation and pays online, they will immediately receive a signed tax receipt, either by email or fax.  You don't have to do anything.  And if they say they will pay by cheque, Memlink will email instructions on where to send the cheque.  When it comes, you mark the donation as paid and Memlink sends out the tax receipt and a thank-you letter.

Sending out personalized newsletters to your mailing list takes about as long as sending out a single email.  You can even set up automatic promotional emails for your events, so your mailing list will be notified of new events a certain number of days before they happen, without you having to lift a finger.

Single database saves time and increase capabilities

If you currently use one application to hold your mailing list, another to keep track of donations, and a third to send out emails, you know the inefficiencies of getting information back and forth between programs.

Memlink solves that inefficiency by keeping everything together.  Our Events module has full access to your mailing list.  The Email Marketing module has full access to your membership list.  And each module is fully customizable, to allow you to create automated tasks that do exactly what you need them to do, without any day-to-day input from you.

Online payments bring in money with less hassle

Donors love to pay immediately, and they can with Memlink's online credit card donation module.  You get more money more quickly, and don't have to spend time chasing down promised donations.

Online registration system eliminates data entry

If your charity includes membership or runs events, Memlink's online registration system allows new members to enter their own information directly when they register for membership or events.  That ensures accuracy, and your staff doesn't have to manually enter information from paper forms.

Website changes:  Save time, energy and money

If you have to deal with a web developer to make changes to your website, you know that it can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive.  Memlink eases your pain by allowing you to make your own changes to your website, using a tool that is similar to Microsoft Word. 

If you currently do your own changes but have to use a complicated web development tool, you know how difficult it can be to figure out what files to change and how to get them up to the server.  Memlink allows you to edit your website directly on your website.  You don't have to install software on your computer.  You don't have to make changes to files locally and then find the files and upload them to the server.  You make changes directly on our servers, which is much more simple and intuitive.  And the best part is that you can see your changes immediately.