Event Management

Increase Revenues

The AMS system increases registration sales by removing obstacles to registration and increasing client confidence.

Your registrants will find purchasing events easy and immediate.  With our comprehensive pricing system, you can promote early- or multiple-registrations.  And your sponsors can use the same system to purchase sponsorships.

To drive more sales, you can use our email marketing tools to reach potential registrants or sponsors.  Write an email once and use it for many events: the system will customize it with the event details.

Decrease Administrative Workload

Event Management is where the AMS system shines.  Event-specific information is collected from your registrants when they register, so you don't have to chase them for it later.  Refunds and changes are all handled online and immediately.

For a conference, participants can register for specific sessions or speakers.  For a gala, you can enter table and bidder numbers for each attendee.  All event information is held within a single application. 

It's easy to create and send attendee-information emails, with information specific to each attendee, just before your event.  And a few clicks gives you attendee lists for name tags or check-in.