For Associations

Increase Revenues

Association Management Solutions increases your revenue stream by growing your main revenue generators: membership, events, and online sales.  Payments are collected online and deposited automatically into your bank account; AMS handles all the transaction details.


Registration and renewal are simple and quick with AMS.  Our clients have very high member retention rates, because we make it easy for their members to renew.  Expiring members are automatically sent a series of reminder emails, each with a link to renew.

And with our comprehensive pricing system, you can cross-market by using events or product sales to drive membership registrations.


The AMS system increases registration sales by removing obstacles to registration and increasing customer confidence.

Your registrants will find purchasing events easy and immediate.  With our comprehensive pricing system, you can promote early- or multiple-registrations.  Your sponsors can use the same system to purchase sponsorships.

And you can use our email marketing tools to reach potential registrants or sponsors.  Write an email once and use it for many events: the system will customize it with the event details.

Online sales

AMS makes it very easy to create an online store.  If you are selling real items, we help manage the delivery.  If you are selling online documents, we facilitate downloading the documents by your customers.

Reduce Labour

The AMS system reduces the workload on your administrative staff by:
  • Keeping all data (membership, event, sales, payments, correspondence, etc) in a single application
  • Automating day-to-day operational tasks, like processing applications, sending out receipts, or sending membership renewal notices
  • Making website changes simple, removing the need to work with an external web developer 

Professional Online Image

Your potential clients judge your organization based on their experience of your website, and the most important factor in their judgment is how easily they get correct information from your site.  AMS gives you a professional online image by making it easy for your customers get accurate information.

In our system, all your data is kept in a single database.  It's quick for you to enter and change, and no matter where your clients look, they get up-to-date information.  We display the information in the ways that our research has shown us are the most effective.  Your customer won't have to search long to find what they need.
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